Why consider Exchange Traded Funds?

Low Cost

Exchange Traded Funds offer some of the lowest cost ways of gaining exposure to any markets around the world


Exchange Traded Funds have one major difference from a managed fund, they trade on market! This offers a significant liquidity difference

Index Returns

Exchange Traded Funds are great way to track any index around the world.

About Us

ASX ETFs is a quick and easy way to compare the best etf – Australian and US listed Exchange Traded Funds. Each ETF is assigned a rating out of five using our proprietry analysis method. Management costs, performance and liquidity are all key factors which determine how we view each ETFs.

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Can’t find the best Exchange Traded Funds?

Looking for an award winning platform to access all ETF’s around the world?

How would you like to have all your investments in one place? With a Capital 19 account you can hold any stock listed on the ASX ETFs and all major exchanges including NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE, ChiX Singapore, DAX, BATS Europe in one place.

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What is Exchange Traded Funds

  • What is an ETF?

    ETFs have soared in popularity over the last few years as a popular investment option for novice and experienced investors alike.

  • Low Management Costs

    This brings us to one of the key benefits to investing in an ETF – the low management costs.

  • Index Returns

    Given that the best ETF seek to track the underlying performance of a particular asset or index and not to outperform it, investors may question why they should invest their capital in them.

  • Why invest in ASX ETFs

    As you can see, Exchange Traded Funds – ASX ETFs provide a great way for investors to add exposure to particular markets, commodities or assets.

  • Liquidity

    Investing in foreign markets can take time – choosing which stocks or funds to buy, converting your funds, executing the trade and settling it.

  • Advantages of ETFs over individual shares

    The main advantage of ETFs over individual share is that it provides investors with diversification.

  • Global Exposure

    Since Exchange Traded Funds track an underlying asset or index – the scope of which can be anything from real estate in Chile to the entire New York Stock Exchange – it provides a great opportunity for investors looking for exposure to a particular market.

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